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品牌來自兩個女生的生活靈感:兩個女生代表(我們 Nos); ⽣活代表靈感(Vies),不受限的設計手法, 呈現出特殊的曖昧風格,介於平衡與不平衡之間,靈活而不受侷限,將生活中不經意的小事物連結成一個巨大的概念,呈現出不刻意卻無可取代的現代風格,因此有了「Seivson」的誕生。

 The brand name, Seivson, is derived and inspired from two girls: Two girls representing 'us' (Nos); inspiration from life (Vies). Unrestricted design practices shows a special ambiguous style that symbolizes both balance and imbalance. Flexible yet unconstrained by boundaries, will inadvertently change everyday small ideas into a gargantuan concept. Showing, in-deliberately an irreplaceable modern style, the birth of "Seivson" is born.