2021 A/W

概念 / コンセプト

Seivson 2021 A/W「2062」

Seivson’s 2062 opening… symbolizing black and white bunnies from Easter, wearing blood red masks and holding vines and Easter eggs; On this day, in the morning of 2062…after the end of the world, Jesus resurrects.

Wearing the vine make up meaning saving and sacrificing. Under the laughter of children, time switched to the future world in the pixelated background. In the future world of 2062. Did you smell the air of future morning? Warm and colorful light pours in. Using pink, green, yellow, blue and flower colors, like a rainbow in the sky. Symbolizing the light faith, bright like Sun. Like the innocence of children, walking to hope and light.

What is the secret hiding in the air? Is the time traveler traveling freely through dimensional spaces? What is the message you in 2062 wants to tell yourself now in 2021? And what do the twelve disciples wearing Seivson symbolize? Runway show integrates Nike sneakers. Time traveling through the past and the future showing the unique woman power style.

The concept of the structure is DOUBLE DOUBLE. Two sleeves, two shoulders and two lapels. DOUBLE symbolizes the past and the future. Two of myself from the past and the future. Super long shirt is the garment of the disciples’. Armor arms, Deconstruction of the front and without the back. Is the structure inside or outside? Is it a shirt or a skirt? Is it a coat or a dress? Is it a shadow or myself...?

Seivson likes to break the rules and leaves all the pieces for more possibilities…… and imaginations.

The colors turn black and white from a colorful vibe in the middle. The structures turn deconstruction… the series of the twelve disciples slowly walks out. Using black, white and blood colors. If Jesus being crucified is the end of the world, then the Last Supper is the night before. In that evening… who betrayed Jesus…… what is the murmuring about? What are you questioning about? What does it symbolize wearing Seivson’s twelve disciples?

When the twelve disciples were having dinner… the screen on the back brought back to the flood which was Seivson’s last season 2021SS…“Ah…. We are back to the time before the end of the world…and we are still in the end of the world.”


 Seivson 2021 A/W「2062」 RUNWAYSHOW VIDEO