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Seivson 2023 Spring Summer Taipei Fashion Week Runway Show「0」

Every ending represents a new beginning. After Tokyo Fashion Week, with belief and our dreams, we are about to return to Taipei Fashion Week! Whether in Taiwan or Japan, we always have the feeling of "starting from scratch" and never forget the original intention in our heart. We have published our collection in Taipei Fashion Week for 3 years. We have experienced a lot along the way. At the same time, after the Covid-19 epidemic, we want to maintain our original intention, so "0" represents our original intention and goal. It is the beginning, the ending, and represents the departure of our dream and the courage to pursue the future we want. I am who I am, I am from Taiwan. A new era starts from "0". And our mood will always be like the day of our graduation, It carries the beginnings of youth, love, friendship and our dreams.